Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Translation Russian and Portuguese

Simultaneous translation from Russian is the most common forms of interpretation used in Brazil, where the person speaks in a foreign language and the translator translates simultaneously to the public the message in Russian or Portuguese through the use of headphones or whisper.

Simultaneous Translation in Russian

This type of service allows the public to monitor what is said by the speaker in real time in Russian or Portuguese.

Simultaneous translation Russian / Portuguese is commonly used in the following situations:

  • Translation Congress
  • Translation Symposia
  • Translation Workshop
  • Translation Conference

How does simultaneous translation

The Russian translator is in a sound proof booth where the interpreter listens through headphones what is said by the lecturer or speaker, and speaks simultaneously in Russian and Portuguese for the receivers of the participants. This type of translation is excellent, because it interferes with the duration of the event or meeting.

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